To support the process of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) for the students, and in an effort to produce  community ummah, PPMI Assalaam is completed with various facilities, among others are as follows :

Mosque with the capacity of 5,000 worshipers, a center of worship and Islamic studies, as a manifestation of servitude to Allah SWT.

Besides fardhu activities, masjid assalaam also function for social activities (Open Together Community, Ijab Qabul, Pilgrim Manasik, Pengajian Akbar) also for students activities.

As many as 102 classrooms with the following descriptions: the classrooms of 7 x 8 m size are 84 rooms, and the classrooms of 8 x 9 m are 18 rooms, as place of learning activities and extracurricular activities, which are all equipped with air conditioner, and LCD Projector and Internet network.

A 2-storey Mathematics and Science Laboratory Building comprising:

  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Multimedia Laboratory equipped with 17 inch LCD monitor computers, and 24-hour internet connection, as many as 3 rooms, each containing 40 units of computers.

  • 5 rooms of Computer Laboratory, each containing 30 units of computers.
  • 2 rooms of Language Laboratory, containing 50 booths each.

Library Building with more than 25,000 books as its collections, following extensive reading room, as well as 2 separate audio visual rooms for male and female students with air-conditioning facilities.

a. Indoor, consisting of four badminton courts and several table tennis.
b. Outdoors, consisting of fields of sepak takraw, volleyball, and basketball for boys and girls, the football field and four futsal arenas.

A two-story office building which is used as the center of managerial and administrative activities.

Two rooms for asatidzah (teachers).

 a 6-storey building as the center of administrative offices of the school units, Assalaam ZIS Center, organization of students, and indoor sports facilities, auditorium, internet cafe, Laboratory Science, banks, ABC (Assalaam Business Cooperation) and a stage for performing arts.

Ruang pertemuan/ aula terdiri dari empat (4) ruang,
a. Lantai 2 berkapasitas 200 orang
b. Lantai 1 meeting room berkapasitas 20 orang.
c. Lantai 2 (Komplek Putri) berkapasitas 400 orang
d. Lantai 1 Assalaam Center berkapasitas 1500 orang

Assalaam Medic Care (AMC), equipped with medical officers and specialists, psychologists, obstetrics, dentists, skin doctors, and rooms for staying overnight patients for males and females, as well as an ambulance.

Resto Assalaam, furnished with kitchen (cooking utensils), is a modern and hygienic kitchen, as well as the dining facility for male and female students which are equipped with televisions

The dormitory with the capacity of 2,450 students consists of:

  1. The male large rooms (kamsartra) 55 rooms, the female large rooms (kamsatri) 31 rooms, with facilities of double-deck beds, wardrobes, ceiling fan, bathroom outside.
  2. The rooms to accommodate 3 male students (kagatra) 22 rooms, to accommodate three female students (kagatri) 32 rooms, with facilities of cupboard, table / chairs to study and beds, and a bathroom outside.
  3. The rooms to accommodate four male students (kapatra) 66 rooms, to accommodate  four female students  (kapatri) 126 rooms with cupboard, table / chair to study,  bed, and a bathroom inside.

PPMI Assalaam has several units of cars to accommodate all its needs.

Housing complex for the caregivers inside the complex of 40 units and 24 units outside the complex.

serves as a transit point and lodging for students and guests with a capacity of 50 moderate rooms, Ball Room, restaurant, WiFi.

Other supporting facilities at the compound include: laundry, telephone, internet cafe, Bank Jateng Syariah, Bank  Syariah Mandiri, Mandiri ATM, Syirkah / cooperatives, shops / cafeteria, wide parking lot.

Astronomical Observatory and Platform as to observe the new moon, the celestial bodies and other astronomical events, as well as a learning place for astronomy activists in Indonesia.

Gazebo room for rest and that can be used for parents when visiting their son / daughter in the boarding school. In addition, the gazebo is also used for other extracurricular activities

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