Vocational High School (SMK) Assalaam

Assalaam Vocational School with A-Accredited Computer and Network Engineering Expertise Program, making it easier for graduates to study at the Higher Education level, especially Engineering is a Science Cluster so that it is equated with the Science majors program and at Assalaam Vocational School, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are taught as science classes

In addition, for being able to continue to college, Assalaam Vocational School graduates can also work directly, either to companies, independent work, or entrepreneurs. This is because students are equipped with life skills, and specifically at Assalaam Vocational School is equipped with Cisco and Mikrotik programs that are internationally certified which have been recognized by many countries in the world. This Cisco and Mikrotik training also aims to provide knowledge and learning experiences that are always up to date with the world of work and industry. Moreover, at this time the development of technology is very fast and the world is competing to adapt to the industrial revolution 4.0. while the curriculum in Indonesia feels too far behind with the rapid development of Technology and the Industrial Revolution 4.0. In addition to Cisco and Mikrotik, Assalaam Vocatonal School collaborates with Telkom and Axioo in developing industrial curriculum.

Assalaam Vocational School conducts a project-based curriculum, some of the projects carried out are assembling personal laptops in class X, Fiber Optic network projects in class XI, and Server Management in class XII. For Assalaam Vocational High School Laptop Assembly in collaboration with Axioo

Special guidance for UNBK and SBMPTN with higher meeting hours. This special tutoring is held in class XII after compulsory study, namely noon session, afternoon session, and evening session every day. This makes Assalaam Vocational School students prepared better and superior in facing the UNBK and SBMPTN. This is part of the commitment of the Assalaam Vocational School team in bringing their best students to the higher education level.

Kuliatul Tahsin wa Tahfidz Program (KTT). In addition to provide general knowledge and expertise, Assalaam Vocational School also provides students with religious skills with special guidance on reading the Qur’an, memorizing, Khitobah, and fiqh worship procedures.

Assalaam Vocational School is under PPMI Assalaam. So that all activities outside of school activities continue to follow the general activities of the boarding for 24 hours. This is an extraordinary added value because it takes 24 hours to participate in activities that are required for religious and disciplinary activities. The details of the boarding subjects at Assalaam Vocational School are Nahwu, Shorof, Insha, Qiroatul Kutub, Fiqh, Usul Fiqh, Tahfidz, Dirosah Islamiah, and Qu’ran Hadith.

For students who come from junior high schools outside the boarding, they can still join the Assalaam Vocational School by going through the Matriculation so that students can save time for one year in the Takhasus class.

Hedonal Rumiyanto, S.S
Principal of SMK Assalaam

Address :

Pondok Pesantren Modern Islam Assalaam
Jl. Garuda Mas Pabelan Kartasura Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah Indonesia (0271) 718741

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