Madrasah Tsanawiyah PPMI Assalaam called as MTs PPMI Assalaam is one of the educational units under the auspices of the Islamic Recitation Council Foundation (YMPI) Surakarta which was founded on July 17th, 1982 originally under the name MTs Punggawan. The establishment of this madrasa was inaugurated by the Head of the Department of Religion of the Surakarta Municipality to coincide on 15 Shawwal 1402 as stated in the Decree of the Director General of Islamic Binbaga dated 7th of August 1982, No. WK/5c/548/Pgm/Ts/1982.


Over time, on July 19th, 1985 the students of MTs Punggawan moved to a new campus in Pabelan, Kartasura, Sukoharjo. Finally, along with the move, on July 20th, 1985 the name of MTs PPMI Punggawan changed to MTs PPMI Assalaam located in Pabelan, Kartasura, Sukoharjo.


MTs PPMI Assalaam is a formal education unit continuing from SD/MI with a learning period of 3 years. The curriculum used is a combination of the Curriculum at the Ministry of Religion and the Boarding Curriculum. The curriculum of the Ministry of Religion as a reference for learning religious education and general subjects. The boarding school curriculum is a development that emphasizes the addition and deepening of dignified, religious character education, tahfidzul qur’an, and the use of two foreign languages: Arabic and English. MTs PPMI Assalaam has received accreditation status ‘A’ by the Madrasah Accreditation Board (BAM) of Central Java province number: 044/BANSM-JTG/SK/X/2018

M. Sholeh Pratono, S.Si
Principal of MTS PPMI Assalaam

Address :

Pondok Pesantren Modern Islam Assalaam
Jl. Garuda Mas Pabelan Kartasura Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah Indonesia (0271) 718741

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