Madrasah Aliyah (MA) PPMI ASSALAAM is a school unit at Assalaam Islamic Modern Boarding School which is under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. Having a vision of “The realization of students who excel and believe in the religion as cadres of the people” MA PPMI ASSALAAM has succeeded in achieving achievements in academic and non-academic fields, this proud achievement is supported by quality programs that are the flagship programs of madrasah including :

  • Plus class (Dirasatul Islamiyah Wal Ulum) which facilitates students in preparation for further study to the middle east, create hafidzul Qur’an, and facilitates students to become famous DA’I
  • National Research Madrasah Class. MA PPMI Assalaam is designated as a national research madrasa in 2019
  • Olympiad Madrasah Class
  • A place for developing the talents and interests of students
  • Improve intellectual, spiritual and emotional abilities. Third, to provide opportunities for all students in madrasas and fourth to cultivate a competitive culture
  • With intensive guidance, Cooperation with other Olympic institutions, aims to produce a generation that is able to compete with other schools in the Olympics. This is evidenced by the MA PPMI Assalaam passing 3 students in KSN-P and 5 students in KSM-P

Farid Akbar, S. Ag, M. Pd
Principal of MA PPMI Assalaam

Address :

Pondok Pesantren Modern Islam Assalaam
Jl. Garuda Mas Pabelan Kartasura Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah Indonesia (0271) 718741

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