Symbols of Boarding School


Spiritual symbol

SQ (Spiritual Quotient)


Intellectual symbol

IQ (Intelectual Quotient)

Green triangle

Morality symbol

EQ (Emotional Quotient)


The dome of the mosque is a spiritual symbol, it is hoped that Assalaam graduate students have a solid aqidah, so that wherever they are, they will not be easily influenced by negative culture in daily interactions consistently and istiqomah to maintain their identity as a santri (student)


The book is an intellectual symbol, in addition to a solid aqidah, students of Assalaam are expected to also have extensive knowledge, both religious sciences and general sciences and technology as well as other social sciences. Assalaam graduate students with good Aqidah are expected to be able to continue their studies at public and religious universities in this country and abroad so that later they become good examples (ulul albab)


Green Triangle

The green triangle is a symbol of good behavior (Islamic morality). Assalaam alumni as a generation of Muslims who are obedient to worship (good spirituality), intelligent and knowledgeable (high intellectual) and do not leave the role model / uswatun hasanah from the lord of the Prophet Muhammad SAW


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