Peresmian PPMI Assalaam Oleh Menteri Agama RI Bapak H. Munawir Sjadzali, MA (1986)

The Modern Boarding School of Islam Assalaam, commonly abbreviated to PPMI Assalaam is an Islamic private education institution under the auspices of the Foundation for Islamic Education Council (YMPI) Surakarta, which was founded by Mr. Abdullah H. Marzuki (RIP) and Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah.PPMI Assalaam was established on 17 Shawwal 1402 H coincides with August 7, 1982 M, located on Yosodipuro Street  No. 56 Punggawan Surakarta, lies on  an area of ​​2,845 m, donations of the family of the H. Abdullah Marzuki (RIP) and Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, the owner of the printing industry of PT. Tiga Serangkai Solo.

Before PPMI Assalaam was established, the educational activities prepared  by YMPI was Madrasah Diniyyah Awaliyah (Islamic Primary School), and then because of  the high demand from society, YMPI established MTs (Islamic Junior High School) with dormitory system which was the forerunner to the establishment of boarding school which was named Pondok Pesantren Punggawan. In July 20, 1985 the name Assalaam was officially used, as well as marking the beginning of the use of a new campus in the village of Pabelan, Kartasura on the land of a waqf (donation) area of ​​5.6 hectares from the family Mr. Marzuki Abdullah H. (late) and Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah. The buildings existed at that time consisted of classrooms, sports hall (GOR), student dormitory, teachers and caretakers housings, kitchen, etc. Along with that, YMPI also established Madrasah Aliyah (MA, Islamic Senior High School) as the continuation of MTs Assalaam, as the response to the demands of public to PPMI Assalaam.

In 1986/1987 YMPI established Madrasah Takhashushiyyah, a preparatory class for prospective students who will continue to MA Assalaam and formerly come from the SMP / MTs – Junior High Schools outside Assalaam. In 1988/1989 Assalaam Senior High School was established in order to meet the needs of the community and to follow the development of the education that happens outside Assalaam. In 2005/2006, Vocational schools (SMK) was established, which took expertise on Computer science and Network program, SMK intends to produce professional workers who have fixed comprehension on Islamic values. In its further development, the Foundation for Islamic Education Council (YMPI) Surakarta, chaired by Hj. Siti Aminah Abdullah, expanded the area of ​​Pondok (boarding School) by buying a piece of land in the village of Gonilan, Kartasura area of ​​38,600 m. This area has now been developed to accommodate more or less 2450 students to study, completed with the housing complex for teachers and caregivers, sports fields as well as other facilities. Thus today PPMI Assalaam occupies an area of ​​more or less 10 hectares with various supporting facilities which are relatively complete and modern. At the age of 33 years in 2015, PPMI Assalaam has recorded thousands of alumni spread all over Indonesia and other countries in the world. The alumni of Assalaam is embodied in an organization called IKMAS (Association of Families of Ma’had Assalaam Surakarta) and has been active in various fields in society and goverment bodies.

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