All students live their days at PPMI Assalaam by following the schedule as follows:        
Time     Activity                
04.00  05.00 WIB  Wake up, Fajr prayer in congregation at the mosque and reciting the Qur’an      
05.00  06.30 WIB  Tazwidul Mufrodat, morning exercise, repeating lessons, bathing, breakfast and preparation for class activities
07.00  12.40 WIB  Teaching and learning activities in the class            
12.40  13.00 WIB  Dhuhur prayer together at the mosque              
13.00  15.00 WIB  Lunch and rest                  
15.00  15.30 WIB  Asr prayer together at the mosque              
15.30  17.00 WIB  Extracurricular activities and tutoring              
17.00  17.30 WIB  Take a bath and prepare for Maghrib prayer            
17.30 – 19.30 WIB  Maghrib prayer together, studying / halaqah / reciting Al Qur’an, ended with Isha prayer together in the mosque
19.30  20.30 WIB  Dinner                    
20.30  22.00 WIB  Night study in the class                
22.00  04.00 WIB  Sleep / rest in the room (dormitory)              

Address :

Pondok Pesantren Modern Islam Assalaam
Jl. Garuda Mas Pabelan Kartasura Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah Indonesia (0271) 718741

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