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Student Account

PPMI Assalaam student application to access profile data, school fee payment bills and student information

Online Library

Digital Library Collection Services at PPMI Assalaam with the latest technology

Journal of Assalaam

Journal published by Assalaam Islamic Modern Boarding School which has contributed to the scientific field in the development of education in Islamic boarding schools.

LZIS Assalaam

Assalaam institution for Zakat, Infaq and Shadaqah is a business charity unit under the management of Islamic Recitation Council Foundation of Surakarta

Laboratory & Library

Laboratory and Library Technical Implementation Unit at PPMI Assalaam


Ma'had Assalaam Alumni Association Website Portal is a place for PPMI Assalaam almamaters who contribute in various fields

Address :

Pondok Pesantren Modern Islam Assalaam
Jl. Garuda Mas Pabelan Kartasura Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah Indonesia (0271) 718741

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